just in case you didn't know which europe you wanted...

ladies. gents.
may, 25th. european elections.
this is NOT about whether you like your national government or if hate it.
this is about which europe you want to have.

your favourite national party in strassburg is part of a bigger european party.
you should know what this european party stands for.
there may be a big difference between your party's goals in your national context and what it is involved in on the european scale. you should know which european party your party is a member of.

source: castro-conde

the abbreviations for the uninitiated...

EPP (christdemocrats and conservatives)

PES (social democrats and socialists)
ALDE (liberals)
EDP (conservatives)
EGP (greens)

EFA (regionalist & separatist parties)

EL (left, communists, greens)

MELD (extreme right)

EAF (extreme right)

nobody knows where the new entries (as the italian movimento 5 stelle) are going to be found. maybe their voters will discover only after the elections that their party will need to allign itself with a bigger party.

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