a white lung leopard lady & an animal crew with ten ton trucks in their fingers...
can you dig it?


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  1. I just found you on Google+ and followed the link to here (oder hear? weiss Ich nicht). Took my breath away!
    The passion, the proficiency, the power. Incredible. Is your music commercially available (on this side of the pond) since I'm interested in hearing more. Thanks for being!
    Bill Kenny

  2. now, thank you for your comment!
    and i wish it WAS my music, but because of truth in advertising laws ( ;) ) i have to admit, it is not. you can get white lung's music (some of it even for free) here: http://whitelung.bandcamp.com/
    aaand: they're canadians so you have even more chance of seeing them live than i actually have.
    aaaaaand: your blog is fun!!

    schöne grüße über das große wasser...