Ain’t it good to know there’s a fiery place below...

a comment on american bizarreries, from trying to saving oneself through war to virgin hypes...

you can give the van allen belt a little can of fuel to help them to shine on

Farewell thought Gone to pot More and more More and more
We’ve made a sandwich of things So this brings civil war
I hate to say it But today it isn’t gonna be fine
Yes, you have bullets that will Change our fucking water to wine
You’ll reward the meek With a knife in the cheek
And every way that you look is down…
I thought that we could make Like reasonable peas in a pod
But then you think that there’s Only room in the world for one god
So you keep sex out of Your precious little princess’ class
Then virgins everywhere Are ending up with cocks in their ass
Ain’t it good to know There’s a fiery place below
The only way that you look is down…


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