discours hygiene...


no third ways anymore, thank you.

from a foreign affairs-piece about social democracy:

w h i l e  i fear this one is not true...
"When the global financial crisis hit in 2008, social democrats in Europe believed that their moment had finally arrived. After a decade in which European politics had drifted toward the market-friendly policies of the right, the crisis represented an opportunity for the political center left’s champions of more effective government regulation and greater social justice to reassert themselves. After all, it was thanks to center-right policies that deregulated financial markets had devolved into a kind of black hole, detached from the wider global economy but exerting a powerful force on all kinds of economic activity."
no, the left in the nineties was rather happy to be at the zeitgeist-avantguard of liberalizers of the financial market. some example from germany, if you please. especially the case of steinbrück is meaningful!

...this  o t h e r  one here states things nicely, i think
"The key intellectual shift shared by the many different third-way currents that emerged in the 1990s was their application of pro-market policies to almost every area of governing. Third-way proponents saw social security systems not primarily as insurance against major life risks, such as unemployment, illness, and infirmity, but rather as a means of economic reintegration. Their goal was to transform the social safety net into a trampoline, focused less on addressing the immediate needs of the poor and disadvantaged and more on helping such people rapidly rejoin the economy. In practice, these reforms increased the risk that the unemployed would face permanent downward mobility, with the government subsidizing their reentry into the very bottom end of the labor market.
Still, in electoral terms, the third way worked well, at least for a time."
 economic expertise, i guess, should mean to know where economy has to be kept out of.
we need some kind of discours hygiene...


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