the clenched fists of my ego...


saul williams - talk to strangers (2004) saul williams - niggy tardust (2007) saul williams - telegram (2004)

now i wasn’t raised at gunpoint and i’ve read too many books to distract me from the mirror when unhappy with my looks ... though i grew up in the ghetto and my niggers all sold drugs, and though that may validate me for a spot on mtv and give me all the airplay that my bank account would need, i was hoping to invest in a lesson that i learned ... but that open-ness exposed me to a truth i couldn’t find in the clenched fists of my ego or the confines of my mind or the hip-ness of my swagger, or the swagger of my step, the scowl of my grimace, or the mean-ness of my rap .... as angels in disguise love can come in many forms, the hallways of your projects or the fat girl in your dorm ... and come this time around you choose to walk a different path, you’ll embrace what you turned away and cry at what you laughed, because that’s the only way we’re going to make it through this storm, where ignorance is common sense and senseless is the norm ... stolen goods are overpriced and freedom costs too much ... the world is not a flat screen i ain’t trying to fit in but this ain’t for the underground this here is for the sun a seed a stranger gave to me and planted on my tongue ... as a great man once said, there’s nothing more powerful than...



feel my skin, lord...

atme still.
beweg dich nicht.

aber pass auf dich auf.
jeder klang hier brennt.
kann dich verzehren.

mark hollis - inside looking out (1998)

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